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Enrolment Zone Information

An out of zone ballot has been held for Term One and Term Two for 2015.  

A ballot will be held for out of zone enrolments for the second half of 2015.  Information about enrolments in this period can be found here.

Woodstock Primary School is required by the Ministry of Education to operate an Enrolment Zone to manage the number of enrolments in order to avoid overcrowding at the school.  

The zone is described below (Click here to download The Enrolment Zone Map) 

  • River Road (east & west sides) from Perindale Drive to the Whitiora overbridge and roads leading off: Perindale, Donny, Arran, Braithwaite, Chartwell, Cussen, Banbury, Ingleton, Riverview, Tamihana.
  • Clarkin Road (Northern side) to Bankwood Road and roads leading off: McNicol, Golden.
  • Clarkin Road (southern side) to Heaphy Tce and roads leading off: Dalethorpe, Haultain, Le Quesne.
  • Heaphy Tce (both sides) to Boundary Road and roads leading off (west side only): Tranmere, Searancke, Fairfield, Verel, Winter, Howden, Bettina, Moncrieff.
  • Boundary Road (both sides) from Heaphy Tce to Gwynne Place and north side roads leading off: Marne and Casey
  • Gwynne Place (northern side) from Whitiora Bridge to Victoria Street
  • Victoria Street (eastern side) from Gwynne Place up to and including Maeroa Road (between Victoria and Ulster Streets) and the following roads leading off: Dillicar, Kotahi, Airdre and Cardrona.
  • Roads included: Strowan, Woodstock, Anson, Ranfurly, Moule, Balloch, Gardiner, Treloar, Rumney, Martin, Tiffiney, Mayfair, Charmaine, Conway, Chelsea, Pollock, Kelly, Sale, Armitage. 

The school determines the number of 'out of zone' places that are available in any given year and advertises this in a local newpaper (usually Waikato Times).  It is advisable to contact the school to ascertain when applications are to be made for any out of zone places.  If the number of out of zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot (except in the case of special programmes, where the criteria in the enrolment scheme apply).

All applications are then entered into a Police Supervised Ballot for the number of places available.  Unsuccessful applicants are placed in a waiting list in order as drawn from the ballot.

Application forms are available from the school office
ph (07) 855 6686(07) 855 6686,  (07) 855 6686(07) 855 6686  fax (07) 853 7056, email:

Download the Out of Home Zone Enrolment Application Form from here
Print out, complete and deliver to Woodstock School, Fairfield Rd, Hamilton



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